Surplus Alert - Advertising Rippoff by Surplus Savings

Danbury, Connecticut 0 comments

This is a scam, you to purchase a CD for $3.95, knowing most people won't go through pages and pages of there terms, and add a sentence end your have 7 days to cancel from the day you buy their CD they ship in 2-3 days , 3 weeks for mine to arrive, I did find their terms, you will be charged $74.95 per month after the 7 days until you cancel, I imagine they rip off many 100s of people looking for information as buying there CD not knowing they are a Hugh rip off artist.

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Re: Surplus Alert Scams

Seattle, Washington 0 comments

I tried to sell something on Ebay several weeks ago, it never sold, and in the meantime this outfit somehow got ahold of my credit card info and has hit me twice for $9.95.Called them, and the refused to deal with me but offered to "cancel" my "membership" which I didn't, of course, have.

They could not prove I had a membership, of course, but still left me hanging. Currently trying to resolve this through my bank. This is evil. I'm sure Ebay knows about this, too, and they ought to warn people!

What a bummer.

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